The Lechasseurs' Recipes

Only the "keepers"


Soup Joumou

This Haitian soup-meets-stew is usually enjoyed January 1st for Haitian Independence Day. It's a celebration soup that boasts lot of robust flavour and heartiness. This version is inspired by the classic recipe but skips the traditional addition of noodles.


Punch-de-Creme is basically a rich creamy drink that’s infused with strong rum for that added kick. It’s like the Caribbean version of Bailey’s. I didn’t get a chance to speak with my aunt for the specific recipe she uses, but after many drinks were shared that night… just about everyone had a recipe to share with me on making Punch-de-Creme. Add booze and people will instantly become experts at just about anything.

From all the “ole” talk, here one I think would produce a great final drink…

Amchar Masala

For an Indian from India, it is sometimes hard to understand the Trinidadian names of foods and spices that are of Indian origin. The names resonate of some thing familiar yet time and distance have distorted them, though not, at least yet, beyond all recognition. Masala, of course, means "spices," but amchar is curious. Achar is the word for 'pickle, "so these could originally have been pickling spices. Indeed, such spices are used for pickling in India.

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