The Lechasseurs' Recipes

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Greek Chicken Kabobs

Our weeknight dinners can become a little monotonous at times, but I make an effort to change things up on Sundays. Whether it’s an in depth recipe that takes hours to prepare or just a simple fresh marinade, I always try to incorporate something new to our repertoire.

Since it’s really warming up in Ohio, we have been using our grill to cook dinner on a regular basis. When we have time, we love to fire up the charcoal and hang out on the deck to enjoy the weather. What smells better than a fiery charcoal grill on a warm spring evening?

Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Dijon

Grilled chicken is totally ubiquitous - it's on every menu and it's usually no big whoop. In fact, it's often boring. But this chicken is SOOOOO worth getting excited about! It's slathered in mustard, lemon, rosemary, and spicy crushed red pepper so it just titillates you palate with flavor. Then it's grilled until the outside is tangy, crusty, and crispy while the inside stays nice and moist. To make this as super-secy as possible, it's served with a perfectly charred and caramelized lemon half for an extra squeeze of flavor.

Pot Roast with Dumplings

"We like to serve this supper in a large soup plate, so that it's easy to chase around the sauce with your roll or dumpling. Try horseradish as a perky accompaniment. Traditionally a part of chicken stew (another great winter braising dish), these are ideal sauce sponges. For a kick, add 1 tsp (5 mL) of chopped rosemary for fragrance."


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