The Lechasseurs' Recipes

Only the "keepers"

Cheryle Hanna's Aunt LaLa Lane Cake

"This is my grandmother’s version of a Southern Lane cake. Grandmother raised her own chickens which account for the large number of eggs. The colors make it a holiday favorite but the hubby loves it so we eat it year round. There is often bourbon in the bottom of the fruit bowl and I usually brush the cake layers with it. Of course it can be made without the bourbon, just add flavoring to the cooked, custard along with the fruit." - Cheyle Hanna

Soup Joumou

This Haitian soup-meets-stew is usually enjoyed January 1st for Haitian Independence Day. It's a celebration soup that boasts lot of robust flavour and heartiness. This version is inspired by the classic recipe but skips the traditional addition of noodles.


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