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Garlic Pork

Well Michael Lechasseur, de fuss ting to do is cree-ate the rite at-mus-fare bi puttin on some Boney M music…like “Brown Girl in the Ring”. Den yuh gon pour ya-self a big jigger a rum. Nun-a-dem imme-tation won like Bacardi or Captain Morgan. Ya need the rail ting like Eldorado or Demarara XM pun de rox wit a twis-o-lime. Afta ya dun do dat, den yo go hugg up ya woman plenty…because she naw wan hugg yu afta yah smel like garlic, peppa and ting!!!

Michael, to be honest with you, I don’t have a recipe. But, I will try my best to create a reasonable facsimile. I buy a “not so lean” pork loin or pork butt. The little extra fat enhances the flavour of the dish when it’s being cooked. For a small batch I would buy about 2 kg, and 4-5 kg for a larger amount. Remember that the meat will shrink by approximately 10 % in its finished state.


INGREDIENTS: for small yield (you can double all ingredients for 4 kg)

• 2 kg (sml)
• 4 heads of peeled garlic
• 1/3 cup fresh Guyanese thyme
• 1.5 tbsp of salt
• 1+ litre of vinegar
• 1 clove for each jar
• 2 tbsp wiri wiri peppers



• cut pork into 3 cm cubes and spread out in a large mixing bowl
• sprinkle meat with salt & thyme…mix thoroughly
• chop peppers and garlic [mash some of the peppers and garlic]…mix with meat
• pour a little vinegar into the bottom of each (sterilized) jars
• scoop seasoned meat into jars and add 1 clove to each jar
• pour vinegar into each jar and agitate with a long clean utensil to saturate all meats
• ensure all ingredients are entirely covered by vinegar and all jars snuggly capped
• set jars in cool area and away from direct heat and sunlight for 3-4 days

• pour contents of jar onto a cheese cloth or fine sieve and let it drain for a few minutes
• cook ingredients until golden brown in frying pan [with a little oil over medium/high heat]

1. take a taste while cooking to assess flavouring
2. incorporate a little sugar and/or water if its too acidic
3. remove some/all of the peppers as per your tolerance to spice [same with the garlic]
4. eat with fresh aniseed bread and mature cheese as a great complimentary taste
5. FYI: there’s a similar loaf in the Netherlands’ southern province of Zeeland.
6. Drink with a good quality Gin with a twist of lemon, or a well paired red wine…ENJOY!!!

Trevor Choo-Kang